Paya Lebar square- A vibrant commercial place


Paya Lebar square, the unique commercial property offering 10 storey premium graded office tower situated above the three storey retail podium. There are nearly about 556 office units which make up the entire floor. The three storey retail podiums comprise of a bank, food court, dinner, shopping, supermarket, beverages and much more.

The office block is named as prime strata which is located in a well developed area. This rarely available space has been in great demand and is available at lower rate of interest. Paya Lebar Square is an attractive option both for investors as well as for buyers alike.

The proposed commercial developmental space is designed by the award winning architectural designers, i.e. DP architects. This is the perfect place to take your business into higher levels.

Superlative location

Probably, Paya Lebar square is the best located plots located under the Urban Redevelopment authority Master Plan. It is expected to grow into an entertainment as well as a commercial hub, which will blossom in the upcoming years.

4The Central Business District, Orchard Road shopping belt and the Changi airport are situated just 10-15 minutes drive from the Paya Lebar square.

Other reasons which make Paya Lebar square a highly attractive option for investors –

  • The strong occupier demand.
  • High liquidity
  • The office space is available at lower rate of interest
  • Non exposure to the inconsistency of the office space rental cycle.
  • Attractive financial packages are available to the investors.
  • There are no restrictions on the foreign ownership.
  • With concern to residential properties, the bank loans for the commercial properties are not at all subjected to lower loan value even for the buyers having existing housing loans.
  • The government imposes sellers stamp duty, i.e. SSD on the residential properties which are obtained within 4 years of procurement, but this imposition is not applicable for commercial properties.
  • The capital gain is not subjected to tax regulations by the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore.

Go green environment

The commercial area is designed in order to qualify for the BCA Green Mark Gold Plus. In this regard, a Green Mark Gold Plus indicates the reduction of environmental hazards which may arise due to building construction and enhance the indoor air quality for a beautiful and healthy working environment.

The 10 storey premium graded office tower as well as the 3 storey retail podium are counterparts to each other. The resulting synergy assures for quality work life. There is enough of space for natural light for a bright working space which streams from the floor through ceiling windows with which some of the selected units can enjoy the panoramic view of the city. The selected units in the office tower are equipped with the regular water supply and also waste discharge facility. All the units in the storey are provided with raised flooring, sprinkler system and false ceiling.

Conclusively, Paya Lebar square is a worthy place for investment.

HTTP Error Analysis of Dedicated Servers by psychz networks


Psychz networks guide focuses on the identification and resolution of HTTP errors most commonly encountered (error 403, 404, 500.503) and that from the viewpoint of a system administrator. There are many situations that can lead a web server to respond to a request by a particular error code, we will cover the causes and the most common solutions.

When you are going to access a dedicated Web server, each HTTP request received in return will receive one HTTP code. These kinds of HTTP codes are classified into five categories. The category of a code could be understood by looking at the first digit:

1: This is the code for Information

2: This is the code for Success

3: This is the code for Redirection

4: This is the code for Client Error

5: This is the code for Server Error

s14The errors or the codes ranging between 400 and 499 can be considered as the outcome of HTTP request from a client. While these types of errors are related to customers, it is often useful to identify the code to see if the problem can be solved by modifying the configuration of the server. The server error or the codes between 500 and 599, are the ones returned by the server as it understands that there is an error committed when process any request. The HTTP 403 code, or error Forbidden, means that the user has made a valid request, but the server is refusing to service the request because of a lack of rights to use the requested resource. According to psychz networks, if you get an error 403 on the dedicated server, here is a list of possible causes:

File not found index

Here is the most common cause for error of 403. When you connect to a site, the default Web server will open the page named index (html or php). If this page does not exist the server may return a 403 error. In this case you can either recreate an index page or configure web server vote that opens another page default.

Permissions to any files

They usually happen when the user performing the HTTP request does not get any permissions to check any requested file.

Conduct Research On Movers Denver Before Selecting The Best One


You have to plan well in advance about how to move your belongings from the apartment you are vacating to the apartment where you are taking up residence. You may have a large number of items that you cannot throw away, as they have cost you quite a lot of money. You have to leave the apartment as clean as you found it. A moving company is your best bet in these circumstances. But you may find it a bit difficult to choose the right one. Getting an instant quote may be easy but choosing the company may not be that easy.

Checking important criteria


People get into difficulties later, as most of the times they miss checking the basic criteria of the movers Denver. To avoid getting into complications later, the first thing you should check is whether the company has the license to operate as a mover in your locality. They should also be insured in case of any mishaps that might occur. They should have trained personnel, equipment and transportation facilities to do the job effectively and fast. They should not charge anything extra outside the quote that they have given you. They should be careful about preventing all sorts of damage that might occur in transit.

Doing some research

Finding the best out of a large number of movers Denver is quite a job that you can cut out for yourself. Look for people who may give you hints about which one to choose. Read all reviews available on the moving companies in your neighborhood. Find out how careful and efficient they are. Find out if anybody has experience any problems with them in the past. Find out how fast they can complete the job. Do not go by the charges they are offering you to do the job. The moving company who is charging less may not be the company you are looking for your job.

Important Things Associated With Selecting Bakersfield Home Security Systems


Summary: You are free to choose any of the Bakersfield home security systems that will provide extra security and protection with different programming options.

Security is one of the most important aspects of keeping your family members safe and protected from different threats. Ranging from burglars to fire, there can be lots of dangers affecting your home. If you do not want to experience any of these, you need to be extra conscious about installing systems. Even if, you are alert, you never know when misfortunes occur. Moreover, when you are out of your home, your home might not be safe. It is always better to be safe than sorry. Therefore, do not delay in getting one of the best security systems in your home.

Getting With Insurance:

You should make sure that you safeguard the security measures properly. Regardless you get it installed through a professional or do it yourself, do not forget to check with your insurance provider. You will be assured and satisfied that your security arrangements are well maintained and up to date.

The type of security system might affect the premium you need to pay.

Whether you get it installed professionally or by your own, there should not be any variation in the premium.

Make the most appropriate and crucial decision in getting your security system insured. You will stay safe and your home will be protected.

Portable Activation Devices:

You are well aware of the existence of myriads of options and choices in the security devices. You must have seen your car alarm that comes with a panic system. The same should be applicable for your Bakersfield home security systems, as well. You will get remotes to operate these buttons. Different buttons will perform different functions

One button might arm the system,

The other might disarm the system.

The other might arm and allow you to be in the house to detect motion and

The other might be a panic button that sends an alert to the police station.


The Capability Of Wireless Devices:

In the recent years, increasing numbers of people have resorted to the wireless systems. These are easy to install and operate and free from hassles. These Bakersfield home security systems are also available with different features and benefits.

Signals are sent through low power radio frequencies

Not only the installation is easy, but also looks good in appearance,

Many do it yourself kits are also available for these systems.

However, if you every want to upgrade it, you might have to buy components of the same technology to make it functional.

Getting Feedback:

Most solutions are available with the ability to give you appropriate feedback on the security functions of your system. Moreover, you will also hear the current condition of the system like whether it is armed or disarmed. Whatever you choose to program into the control panel, you will get the benefits accordingly. It is wise to spend some time on carrying out research so that you can know the features and feedbacks of each. By then, you will also have a complete understanding of your needs due to which the selection process will be easier and flexible.

Austin Home Security Systems Come With Different Installation Procedure


Summary: You need to be aware of the installation procedure, while dealing with Austin home security systems. Get in touch with the DIY or professional help, whichever matches your needs, the most.

There are so many parts and parcels, which you need to deal with, whenever the main area relates with home security systems. Apart from the right monitoring service, you need to deal with the best installation procedure, which can act in your favor. There are mainly two types of installation procedures, which you need to be aware of. One is stated as professional installation, and another one is mostly noted as DIY installation procedures. Now, if you are a complete novice in this segment, it is better to deal with professional installation procedure, for offering you with the most promising solutions.

More about installation service

There are some companies available, which can offer you with the best choice, between the DIY installation and the professional service. On the other hand, there are certain other companies which can offer you with either anyone of these services or both of them.

  • For the DIY platform, you are free from investing money or take help of services, related with professionals. Therefore, you are free from spending money for any installer.
  • You can mail the equipment and provide instruction on ways to use the alarming system and install it, without any effective result.
  • The DIY systems are practically stated as wireless and make the installation procedure an easy one, fairly.

More about DIY project

According to maximum customers, the DIY system is the most promising of others, whenever they are dealing with Austin home security systems. It will not take more than 30 to 40 minutes, to complete the entire installation procedure.

  • Now, the customers have the right to install the wireless system and use it just the way they want.
  • Moreover, as the products are considered to be wireless, therefore; you are free from damaging the machine, even one percent.
  • As these are wireless in nature, therefore; you can easily hide the element and offer promising result.
  • s8

Now for the professional help

In case, you are taking help of technical improved models, associated with Austin home security systems, then you might have to take help of professionals for installing the procedure.

  • The major benefit of professional help is that you are free from the labor or installing these machines and save a lot of time.
  • Moreover, they are always ready to answer any of your questions, if you have any. Just make sure to get in touch with the professionals instantly, when you need them.
  • As the installation procedure is done by professionals, therefore; these machines are going to work and last for a longer span of time, without falling off suddenly.

Look for the options

In case, you are planning to install machines with professional help, then it can either be wired or wireless. Moreover, the hardware interface is going to change a lot, and you need to make the right choice, while planning to invest money for it. These are some of the promising features, which can help you to make the right choice, regarding the security machine of your choice. Get acquainted with the best company only, for availing the right result.

Best websites are those which are made by hearts


Law firms today run very generously and gracefully. However, everything depends on how you desire to portray your website and its content. A good law firm will make sure that its website so good enough to attract many customers.

Thus, Best law firm websites are the ones which do not have to do much to make the firm look big and better. Everything actually starts on a blank canvas. The creators of the websites are the ones who have the essential aim of putting up your law firm on numerous one position Thus; they work together with the Law Firm Authority so that they can give clients an insight of what is needed.


The law firms must make an effort to get a complete understanding of the SEO world. Then what is essentially done is that the law firm’s good points are actually considered. Thus, everything is so made a packaged in such way that a nice website is made. This is then done wisely so that one’s goals could be achieved.

Making a good website is upon the creator. He has to thus. Judge what goes in it and what remains out. If that seems so difficult that successful inputs must be brought about or taken into consideration by a law firm. Remember the creation of the best law firm websites comes from the sole motive of making one. Thus, good law firm websites are produced only when successful efforts and hard work is put along with ingenuity.

Lipozene and its side-effects


The production and endorsement of this pill is done by the Obesity Research Institute. The key feature about this pill is that it promises to churn fat so that no proper or a prescribed diet is needed.

After looking at its contents which has glucomannan as its major content, it can easily be said that a person can suffer from a few gastrointestinal problems as the major and primary side effects. Some of these are:

Diarrhea: This supplement has caused diarrhea in many of the cases due to its dietary fiber as its main component. Medically, it has been already revealed that consumption of glucomannan for a long and extended period can lead to severe diarrhea. This is a kind of diarrhea which will not simply go


Cramps and pain in the tummy: The intestinal microorganisms are majorly friendly and thus they cause the fermentation of water-soluble glucomannan. It can lead to an increased production of gas in the digestive system thus causing a bloated tummy. The large amount of gas can cause cramps and pains that are unbearable.

Hard in swallowing: Lipozene in its tablet form has the tendency to block the esophagus in some of the patients suffering from esophageal disease. Glucomannan has the tendency to absorb water and thereby to expand. It might get stuck to esophagus of some of the patients. For the same reasons, it might also cause an intestinal blockage.

Allergic reactions: This supplement is majorly plant-based, and a few patients may have to experience allergic reactions when they consume it. The reports have an indication of itching, rashes on the skin, swelling of the face as well as the throat and difficulty in breathing.

Changes in blood sugar: The active ingredient of this pill also causes some changes in the blood sugar levels. The fiber has the tendency to reduce the glucose levels in blood.

Minecraft Games – are they good for kids?


Minecraft is a very creative video game; the constructing feature of the game enables the gamers to assemble building out of textured 3D blocks. It really is fun exploring video games which integrates attributes of design thinking, problem solving & adaptability. It is relatively widely used amongst young children.

It is a best-selling, autonomously designed published gaming system. There are actually no anecdotes to play the games nevertheless the players can create structures from scratch with the substance they collect around the game. It can be intimidating but yet they stimulates learning both among kids & the larger online community.


Cautious parents usually raise a concern about their kids getting enamored with Minecraft games. You will discover a lot of information online. But it surely is not at all times everything that we see. As the name indicates; it emphasis on mind games which could enhance & accentuate the problem solving & reasoning abilities of a kid. Let’s access pros & cons of Minecraft Games.


  • It contributes greatly tolearning basic ingenious building concepts. Kids could certainly learn about creative thinking, geometry & even a little geology since they can build inventive block structures in their refreshingly open ended mining & construction games.
  • These kinds ofgames have been created considering the appropriate age of the kids. Whilst working together with other kids in the community; they learn the concept of cooperation.
  • Imagination works at its best while playing these games. Ithelps bring about hypothesis testing & problem solving through building new concept, encouraging children to work as a team.


  • The games have the thriving online community henceit is likely that gamers might encounter the obnoxious text messages & suggestively shaped player produced  However, kids do not have to involve themselves in any online action to enjoy the game play.

For the children, who possess the creative inclination, the experience of playing these games is completely compelling& good.

Advanced information on Forskolin side effects


Forskolin is factually an extract derived from the plant termed Coleus Forskohli that has been traditionally utilized in treating a variety of health conditions and ailments. The conditions typically, for which Forskolin is used are congestive heart, angina, psoriasis and more. The effects of this medicated extract have been tremendously utilized in human as well as animal clinical studies and more. It fundamentally works by activating several enzymes in the cells of cyclic AMP. Prior to using this supplement, it is essential for you to know much more about Forskolin, you can get all the needed information about this supplement at


The biggest evident danger effect of Forskolin is lower blood pressure, which further causes the patient to be very dizzy, blurred vision, loss of consciousness, reduced concentration, and more. Furthermore, severe low blood pressure tends to prevent the significant body organs to get sufficient oxygen supply leading hypotension. If ignored, this can cause brain damage and severe heart disorder. Forskolin dosage can also cause tachycholin that is the elevated heart beat rate. The Patient can feel chest pains, lightheadedness, rapid plus and more. The most dangerous aspects of this include; blood clots, frequent fainting, heart burns and sometimes it might also lead to sudden death.

Staff Nurse

  1. Nature of their job:

Who is a Staff Nurse and what do they do?

The actual meaning of the word nurse is the act of breastfeeding. Nurse is considered as a next mother. A nurse is a medical expert who treats the people facing chronicle conditions. They offer professional care to the patients under the direction of the physician. Generally, this profession is mostly dominated by the females. They offer heath care services to the patients like other health care professionals. They conduct tests and offer basic treatment for the patients. They advise and give moral support to the patient and their parents. In general, they work for hospitals, physician’s office and ambulance. Clinical and non clinical functions are performed by nurses and in some cases, they handles life-threatening issues. The Staff Nurse Job Description presents appropriate information on the activities performed by them.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • The crucial activities performed by the staff nurse are to offer medications, administer injections and treat patients.
  • They assist at the time of diagnostic testing and the results are also analyzed by him.
  • Patient symptoms and their health history are registered by them.
  • They must make sure that the patients are given appropriate medications on time.
  • They must have immense knowledge on the medical equipments used in hospitals and should use them perfectly.
  • They must be flexible and ready to work in shifts.
  • In addition to medical background, they must have effective communication skills so that they can interact with patients and their families effectively.


  1. Educational Qualification

The Qualifications and Expertise required by a Staff Nurse

Listed below are some of the basic qualifications and also other mandatory requirements to become a Staff Nurse,

  • They must acquire a Bachelor’s or Master’s or post-graduate qualification.
  • It is mandatory to undergo basic training in nursing and must meet the local and national requirements.

Skills required by a Health Staff Nurse


  • They must manage stress effectively.
  • They must have problem solving skills.
  • They must be self motivated.
  • They must be ready to work in diverse environments.
  • He should be a good listener and must communicate effectively.
  • They must be familiar with the medical terminology.
  • They must be able to instruct.
  • They must respond appropriately in an emergency situation.


  1. Career Growth

What kinds of job prospects available for Staff Nurse?

The one who is has master’s degree in nursing can apply to certification programs related to leadership that are offered by American Organization of Nurse Executives. They can move to higher positions such as vocational nurses, registered nurses or advanced practical nurses. According to the BLS reports it is estimated that there will be 22 percent increase in the job market in this field.

Registered nursing degrees


Introduction of registered nurse:


Registered Nursing is a self-motivated career prospect that needs a good level of awareness, decisive thinking skills and a dedication towards patients. Registered nurses are in immense request and Citrus University has made a promise to propose an Associate Degree in nursing in its curriculum in appreciation with the increasing demand for Registered Nurses. Citrus university is recommends students the option of organizing and practicing a health care career. The student who has completed an associate degree in nursing is equipped to offer straight customer care, as well as tackle sensitive and chronic health care requirements. This individual can address specific health care troubles in hospitals, health care centers, and other society health organizations.




Registered nurses can pursue any of the educational opportunities in registered nurse degrees offered by many colleges and universities such as degree in nursing, diploma in associate nursing or a Bachelor’s degree in nursing. It takes almost 4 years to complete the course. All nursing learning courses include classroom teaching and administer medical knowledge in hospitals and other fitness facilities. Graduates take specialized courses in analysis, functioning, microbiology, chemistry, food and diet, mental abilities and other social sciences.


Degree taken up:

  • Associate degree
  • Bachelors in science
  • Nursing diploma



Associate degree:


A registered nurse associate degree is a fine choice for persons with monetary restriction due to the short span of the itinerary and also because they are usually carried out at two-years Universities. These institutes, also known as group of people, technological, professional, or graduate colleges, require heavy teaching costs for learner who is from out of city. However, these classes of learning would still be less costly in comparison with a four-year campus or university. The ease offered to the students on completion of the study makes this programme more accepted. The learners can complete it according to their wish, as they can either complete studies or wish to join the profession.


Bachelor’s degree in science:


BSN course is offered by many graduate colleges with four year completion programme. The first 2 years are spent on general studies and last two years on specialized nursing courses. Further, the interest of the learner will decide the field to be taken or opted for. Some learner will decide at the end of the course which field to opt for. The BSn programme helps students in a moderate condition to complete at their own ease and offer them the option to complete the course much earlier within two years.

Some people decide to become a nurse only after they have obtained a degree in an entirely different field. BSN programme offers flexible hours keeping in mind the working personnel and also provide financial help to some in completion of the programme.



Specialized courses:


Clinical nurse proficient:


Registered nurse degree – Cardiovascular training:

There is an increase in demand of cardiovascular nurses. They are accountable for caring for patients with heart problems or BP problems. Particularly, they help out medical doctors in the analysis and cure of diseases, oversee medicine, care for patients previous to and subsequent to operations, observe patients’ growth, make a record of observations and work directly with a medical doctor and other medical professionals in carrying out a healing graph.


Registered nursing degree – Oncology:

Oncology encompasses the analysis and healing of cancer. Oncology nurses provide care to the patients by observing the cancer patients and their health conditions, recommend prescription, and maintain coordination and management strategies. They may work with kids or teenagers with cancer or blood turmoil, or adults or older patients.


Duties of a nurse depend on the area of expertise, but normally include:

  • checkup test, analysis, and healing plans
  • writing the patient history and keeping up records
  • instructive tasks to students and nurses
  • May be a manager of health care personnel in a hospice or community setting
  • May recommend the amendment of health policy and plans
  • Safely perform processes that include keeping away from viruses.

refried bean recipe


Preparation time: 15 minutes.

Total time: 15 minutes

Ingredients needed

  • One onion which is peeled and halved.
  • Three cups of dry pinto beans.
  • Half jalapeno pepper which is seeded and chopped.
  • 2 spoons of minced garlic.
  • 5 spoons of salt.
  • ¾ teaspoons of ground black pepper.
  • 1/8 teaspoons of ground cumin.
  • 9 cups of water.



  • Place the onions, jalapeno, salt, pepper, garlic, onions and cumin in a cooker.
  • Pour water and stir to combine.
  • Cook for eight hours on a high flame.
  • When the beans are cooked, strain them. Keep the liquid aside.
  • The potatoes should be mashed with a potato masher.
  • Add the reserved water to get the required consistency.


Other variations

Fat free refried beans

Ingredients needed

  • 2 cups of canned black beans.
  • A half cup of water.
  • 2 cloves of minced garlic.
  • One spoon of pepper.
  • One spoon of salt.
  • One spoon of liquid smoke.
  • ¾ cup of diced onion.



  • Take a bowl and add 2/3 cup of beans. Mash it to form a smooth paste.
  • Take a saucepan and add the remaining beans along with water. Heat it.
  • When it is heated thoroughly, add pepper, garlic, salt and liquid smoke.
  • Add onions and cook for ten minutes.



Spicy refried beans with lettuce and tomato

Ingredients needed

  • Two cans of refried beans.
  • A can of sliced jalapenos which are drained and chopped.
  • One spoon of cayenne pepper sauce.
  • One spoon of garlic powder.
  • Two hearts of Romaine lettuce which is shredded.
  • 2 ripe tomatoes which are seeded and diced.
  • One lime which is juiced.
  • A coarse salt.
  • One spoon of extra virgin olive oil.



  • Heat a can of refried beans in a skillet.
  • Stir the chopped jalapeno, hot sauce and cayenne and garlic powder along with the refried beans.
  • Reduce the heat to low and keep it warm until it is ready.
  • Add lettuce and tomatoes in a bowl. Combine them.
  • Squeeze the juice of the lime over the bowl. The tomatoes and lettuce should be seasoned with salt.
  • Toss to combine.
  • Add extra virgin olive oil to the bowl. Toss with lettuce and tomatoes.
  • Serve the refried beans along with lettuce and tomatoes.




How to serve refried beans

Salt should be added to the beans.


       How to store refried beans

Refried beans can be stored in a container or a fridge.


       Additional information

The other varieties include black beans with bacon, fat free fried beans and down south style green beans.

Enjoy your favorite anime shows online


Japanese animation shows are well known for their vibrant characters and colorful graphics. These vibrant characters depict the wonderful theme for narrating stories and also for movies or any other shows. These anime shows were first emerged during early period of the 19thcentury and then top 10 anime became quite popular in 1960 in TV shows as well. At the later stages, these TV shows were adapted by the movie makers in order to make interesting and realistic films by making use of advanced animation technology.

Watch your favorite anime shows online


The top 10 anime shows became quite popular in great number of online sites. Some of the sites are just dedicated in order to play anime movies and shows. So with the advent of the technology, now there is no need to worry about missing an anime series episode. The anime shows can be easily downloaded from internet. These shows are now available in various genres in order to cater the requirements of all sorts of people including children and adults. So you can visit online sites to view your favorite anime shows which include adventure, action shows, comedy shows, mystery and drama shows as well.

If you are not interested to watch all the shows and wish to watch only your favorite shows, then you can browse the shows based on its popularity and ratings, so that there is no necessity to watch all the trash shows. You can even share your views about the shows through participating in the online chats.

Now, you can watch your favorite anime shows irrespective of your time and your convenience online. All that you need to do is, just log in to a particular site and browse your desired shows. Visit any online site offering your favorite anime shows which catch your attention to have a good time pass and entertainment irrespective of time and place.

Online Marketing Conferences


When you talk about internet marketing conferences, you will need to think if that is one of the finest approaches to collect information regarding the internet business. Lots of people look at this to be the other best means of studying online marketing, having a mentor being the first. Now conferences could be of two kinds, it can first be online, or it may be at actual locations. Plenty of people would rather attend conference online, as you’d have videos as well. This makes watching quite simple, and may help a whole lot when it comes to getting easy approaches to be informed.


With these internet marketing conferences, you can listen to internet marketing professionals, as they talk about optimization in marketing, research of web page and many more. This is also the best place to be if you plan to network. You will find that there are individuals in the conference, all from various professions. Almost everyone can be present at these meetings, as this can be a place where you are able to meet individuals who are trying to find same information. This enables you never to only get good concepts, but additionally get better information about what online marketing is all about. You might have to be present many times as well.

On various times you may have various items of information, which will allow you to help keep yourself up to date about what’s going on. This is relevant to all or any the latest methods about the online marketing, as you could talk about marketing and many more. This may end up being invaluable when it comes to anyone who’s just started their online company. They will have the ability to have plenty of content from these conferences, and they will have the ability to use these methods online. There will be plenty of internet professionals who offer such conferences.



The pleasure of biting the Bread Pudding Easy Recipe

This recipe is the no.1 comfort food choice for many people who get the soul satisfying treat what they are looking out for.

Bread pudding is a fascinating way to prepare old surplus bread into an easy, tasty dessert. All the more, this recipe will be really delicious to savor, if it is taken on a cold or drizzling night. One is at liberty using any white bread what one wills. However, it the sturdy French bread that prevails over other types of breads.


Preparation Time: 20 minutes

Cooking Time       : 30 minutes

Total Time             : 50 minutes


Nutritional Values:

  • Calories      – 337
  • Cholesterol – 166 mg
  • Total fat     – 12.3 mg



Main Ingredients Required:

  • Six pieces of bread
  • Dissolved butter with a quantity of two tablespoons
  • Raisins with ½ cup quantity
  • Four smashed eggs
  • Milk with two cups of quantity
  • White sugar with 3/4th cup quantity
  • Ground cinnamon with one teaspoon quantity
  • Vanilla extract with one teaspoon




Preparation or Method:

  • Prewarm the oven up to a temperature of 350 degrees
  • Lubricate an 8-inch size square baking pan
  • Slice the bread into miniature portions and immerse the same into the baking pan. Thereafter, in a saucepan, dissolve the better, and sprinkle over bread cubes. Drizzle raisins over bread.
  • In a medium-sized bowl, blend the milk, eggs, cinnamon, sugar, and vanilla. Stir it up thoroughly. Sprinkle egg blend all over bread. Apply less pressure while keeping bread down with a fork until bread has thoroughly soaked up the egg blend.
  • Heat for a period of 45 minutes, or until the top rebounds when pressed.